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Event description
The folk song or nadan pattu of Kerala tell tales of the land that have never been
recorded. Outline the variations in the land, climate, people and their occupations.
The story behind every ballad is an epic...so here is the chance to masquerade the
actors in the scence...grab the chance to make voyage down the lanes of each
unsaid tales of emotions ...
Prize Money: 1 st :Rs.10, 000/-
                         2 nd :Rs.5, 000/-
Registration fee: Rs. 600 per team
Event rules

  • A minimum of 7 participants and a maximum of 15 are allowed per team.
  • The tradition of singing is to be mentioned at the time of presentation.
  • Only traditional instruments are allowed
  • Electronic equipments, karoke or CD systems should not be used.
  • Excess make up is not encouraged.
  • Traditional costumes are preferred.
  • Time limit 10 min empty to empty.

Judging criteria
 Vocal skills
 Presentation skills
 Timings

Event Heads : Sangeetha K S :9539298168
                          Reshma J S:9497028517
                          Poornima Prasad:9446411506

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