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Kidd's quest : Ahoy maties, the time has come to find the lost treasure of captain
Kidd. Hoist the colours, the adventure is up in us....
Registration fees : Rs.450 per team.
Registration will be open until 3hr before the scheduled time of the event
1. Each team will have to solve 6 / 7 clues depending on the number of
2. The number of rounds will be based on the number of teams registering for the
3. Each team need to solve all the clues to reach the treasure.
4. The first team which manages to solve all the clues correctly will be declared as
the winner.
1.Only one team will win.
2.The team that manages to solve the final clue first will be declared as the winner.
3.The judgement of the event coordinator will be final and is not questionable.
4.The judgement will be purely according to the rules.RULES
1. Maximum of 5 members per team.
2. Prelims will be conducted based on the number of team registered.
3. The clues are to be found in a particular order. A team can't skip a clue.
Skipping a clue leads to disqualification of the team.
4. The treasure hunt area is the college campus, do not search for clues in off
limit areas.
5. If you found other team's clue by any chance never tamper it. A violation of
this could cause disqualification of your team.
6. Each team will be assigned with a volunteer to monitor your activity.
Event Heads : Ariya S Satheesh :8281667715
                         Aswathi M :8289919128
                         Arya A P :9495270118

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