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Event Description
Ready to make your blood run cold to scare the hell out your heart, then fellows
this is your spot to intervene. If you can smoke up your heads to recreate horror to make people miss their
heart beat then step in to cite that dreadness.
Yagna Dhruva 2K18 presents the first ever horror based event for all those horror lovers.
Registration fee : 50 per head
Prize money
: First prize - ₹ 12000
                        Second Prize- ₹ 8000
A group event wherein you can recreate horror using either the scenes from the
movies or create your own horror tale to carry that shrill down the nerves. It
comprises a single main stage round. The decision of the judges will be final .
 A group comprising minimum of 5 and maximum of 10 members are
 Time limit 10 min empty to empty time.
 Any horror themes like thrillers, psychological etc. can be chosen.
 Recreate horror using common things (like door, rocking chair, etc.) or
anything that would string up the horror mood.
 Scene created could be in any of the languages: English, Tamil or
 All the required props should be brought by the team.
 The team can use the entire stage and premises surrounding it.
 The final script should be mailed at revenantteam666@gmail.com soon after
the registration.
 The Audio tracks have to be in mp3 format (pendrive) and should be
submitted to the co ordinators prior to the performance call.

 No obscenities are allowed on stage.
 Acting( horror reachability, dialogue synchronisation,originality)
 Horror Recreativity
 Props used
 Make up
Event Heads : Faba Johny Pereira : 9400514159
                        Adithiya .A.S : 8281881167
                        Aashika Nandini C N : 8547482566

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