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Event Description
Not a professional dancer? But has the flair to grab the crowd with your humour?
Then this event is just for you. For all those back benchers, this is the time for you
to take the stage. Humour us!
Prize Money: 1 st :Rs.25, 000/-
                        2 nd :Rs .15, 000/-
                        3 rd :Rs .10, 000/-
Registration fee: Rs.150/- per head.
● There is only one round.
Points shall be awarded on the basis of humour, theme/message, coordination,
originality, costume and props.
● No vulgarities will be tolerated, in the performance or costume
● It must be a dance performance mixed with humour
● A minimum of 6 participants & maximum of 20 are allowed per team. In
addition there should be one person in charge for the music and one for lights.
● The event should be a dance performance, mixed with humour that brings out a
particular theme or message.

● No voice over/dubbing allowed, but the music track can include movie
● Points shall be awarded on the coordination,originality,costume and props.basis
of humour,theme/message,
● No vulgarities will be tolerated, in the performance or costume. The event heads
have the right to interfere and take action if found.
● The team of participants must be currently students of the same college.
● Time limit ;10 mins empty to empty .
● The union members have the full right to interrupt the performance at any time
in case of violation of the above rules.
Event Heads : Shahana B :9961457575
                         Bhavana B :7034648228
                         Lekshmi S :8137845378

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