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Event Description

The event ARDUINO BUZZ comprises of three rounds that needs to be cracked to achieve the final goal. The event basically tends to evaluate the extent of knowledge in ARDUINO basics and programming and how well it can be incorporated in practice to form a working model.


Event will be conducted in 3 rounds. Each round description is as follows

Round 1: Test              

Written test based on Arduino Basic

Round 2: Programming skill

The teams will be tested on their Arduino programming and logic skills

Round 3: Working Model

Top Teams will be given a topic. The team will have to make a working model based on the topic using the given components and Arduino board Judging Criteria

 Teams scoring cut-off marks in round1 will be  qualified to round 2.
 Based on the scores obtained in second round , teams that have scored the cut-off will be qualified to the third round.
 Prize will be rewarded for the team having an Overall best presentation for the topic given in the Final round.
 Team should comprise of 2 participants Event consists of 3 rounds
  Each  round will have an elimination
 How many participants per  team?   Ans: 2

 Do all participants have to be from the same college? Ans: No

 Should we bring the arduino kit?  Ans: No.

 Will laptop be provided?   Ans: No
Registration fee:  Rs 200/team
Prizes :  First prize: Rs 2000/                          

             Second prize: Rs 1000/

Event Heads :  Nishajith:989583649


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