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Event description
The event MATLAB CODING tests your knowledge in Matlab and takes you through 2 exciting levels to exhibit your talents in coding.
Event will be conducted in two rounds. Each round description is as follows.
Round 1-Prelims
 This round consists of a written test. Basic questions in Matlab and some simple programs will be asked.
Round 2-Coding
 This is the coding round.It has three questions, each of different difficulty level.
Judging criteria
 Teams scoring the cut off marks in round 1 will be qualified to round 2.
 In round 2, the average score of the participants in the three difficulty levels will be taken.
 Decision of the judges will be final.
 Team should comprise of 2 participants.
 Event consists of 2 rounds.
 First round has elimination.
1.How many participants per team?
Ans. Exactly 2.
2. Will the judgement be taken based on the difficulty level of the question answered?
Ans: Yes.
Registration fee:   100/- head
Prizes : First prize -INR 1,500/
             Second prize –INR 500/-    
Event Heads:    Sruthi: 9400953309
                         Gowri Reshma: 9497289844
                          Aswini: 9539506894

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