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Event Description

The empire of the queen awaits, for the robo to conquer the arena This event is a platform for participants to showcase their robotics talents and also to bring alive the football spirit. They are required to build a manually controlled or an automatic robot capable of playing soccer on an arena specially designed for the robotic soccer match. The goal of this event is to make a Soccer Playing Robot of any type (e.g. wheeled/hexapod/biped/robotic arm on wheel etc.), controlled using any mechanism, (e.g. DPDT switch based remote box, hand gesture controlled using acceleration sensor, wireless modules/devices – TV Remote, CC2500, Bluetooth etc.) to traverse the arena in a predefined path by avoiding collisions from obstacles (represents opponents), clearing different checkpoints & push/pull/kick a ball from a specified point into the goal post to score maximum points within the shortest period of time.


Round 1: Knock out Round

 Number of matches may depend upon the number of participants.
 Match Duration will be 6 min. 
Round 2: Semi Finals

 4 teams shortlisted from Knock out goes through to play the Semi finals.
 All teams will have to play 1 match each against an opponent team.
 Match Duration will be 8 min.
Round 3: Finals

 Match Duration will be 10 min.
 The score at the end of this round will decide the winner of that round.

Judging Criteria

 Goals scored from inside the penalty area will earn 1 point. 
 Goals scored from outside the penalty area will earn 3 points.
 Goals scored via the penalty kick will earn 2 points.
 In case of a tie, winners will be decided via penalty shootout.
 If a team gets 3 fouls, then the opposing team will get a penalty shoot from the penalty mark.

 Each team can have a maximum of 2 members.
 Registration fee: Rs 300/team.
 Dimension of robot must not exceed 35cm x 35cm x 35cm and weight must be less than 5 kg.
 Length of the robot’s wire must be at least 4m.
 The ball can be either dragged or pushed by the robot .In case of jam-up of robots for more than 30s, the game will have to kickoff again as per the referee’s command.
 No need of defending the goal post on your half.
 If a robot hits an opponent robot intentionally, then it will be regarded as a foul.
 Decision of referee will be final and binding. Any act of misbehaviour or misconduct may lead to disqualification.
 The coordinators hold the right to change some of the rules without prior intimation.


 Should both the members of a team be from the same college?
 No, cross college participation is allowed.

 Can wireless robots be used?
Yes, the use of wireless robot is permitted.

 Should a team necessarily have 2 members?
No, even a single person can form a team. But maximum number of participants is limited to 2

KINDLY NOTE : Any participants from outside kerala should submit a recommendation letter from the corresponding head of the institution before the competition

PRIZES : FIRST PRIZE: 12K                  

                 SECOND PRIZE:  6K

Registration Fee:    300/team  

Event Heads  :  Anna: 956780415

                           Anilamol: 9633986690                                

                           Sharon: 949772391

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